Thursday, April 29, 2010

Adventures in Cooking: Vol. 2

Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork
Okay so this wasn't exactly Armadillo Willy's Pulled Pork but it was pretty darn good.  Very tender and tasty.  I used some Costco BBQ sauce instead of the one in the recipe.  It was really easy to make, what's easier than a crockpot right!  We ate it over rice one night then as a sandwhich the next couple.  My son even took a sandwich to school and enjoyed it cold.  I heated one up at work for lunch and was told I can't eat at my desk anymore because the food smells too good and was making people hungry. 

Asparagus Au Gratin
This is a simple way to serve asparagus.  My son even ate it, and he hates asparagus.  Very cheesy and yummy. Best to eat right away so the cheese doesn't get cold.  

Green Beans Saute
Sorry, didn't take a photo of this one.  This is a simple veggie saute that is easy to make and offers a great alternative to simply steamed green beans.  The onions give a great flavor and I added some minced garlic to give it an additional burst of flavor.  I served this with the pulled pork and rice, great combo.

Strawberry Mango Muffins 
I put these together on a whim because I had a mango and a ton of strawberries that were going to go bad.  What better way to make use of ripe fruit than in a muffin, right?  Baking is going to be the death of me I swear, but at least it'll be a sweet death!  These muffins are super moist and full of strawberry goodness!

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