Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cable Schmable!

At the time of the mandated television digital conversion I had the basic expanded cable package from Comcast.  I was paying about 30 bucks a month.  Just before the full transition took place I lost my favorite channels (Bravo, Food Network and TLC).  Basically all channels above 35 were GONE!  I don't own a fancy TV that is digital ready so I called Comcast and asked for converter boxes for the 3 TVs in my house.  I was informed that unless I upgraded to the next level of service (a cost of $50 per month) they would not be able to provide me with converter boxes.  This upset me since I had seen many Comcast commercials stating that Comcast customers would be taken care of through the transition and that I had nothing to worry about.  Talk about false advertising.  Since I am on a budget I decided to drop cable all together, there was no way I was going to pay more money for the 3 channels I watched rarely.

I purchased my own rabbit ears and converter boxes (which I got free through the government voucher program).  This system worked good in the beginning but eventually became a hassle.  It seemed whenever I watched my favorite shows I would have to fiddle with the antenna.  That just wasn't going to work!

I was already a subscriber to Netflix and through some online browsing I learned of their instant streaming capabilities on the XBox 360, which we already owned.  I gave it a shot and was instantly hooked!  Now the only form of TV I watch is Netflix and I am saving the $30 per month ($360 per year) I was spending on cable!  Netflix instant streaming is easy, all you need is a Netflix ready device (there are many kinds including blue-ray, HD tvs, PS3 and now even the Wii).  Currently I pay about $16 a month for two out at a time unlimited DVD rentals which includes unlimited hours of instant streaming.  There is a lower level one available for about $8 a month that includes one out at a time unlimited DVD rentals and unlimited instant streaming.  Instant watch is also available for viewing via a computer.  You will need an internet connection (not dial-up) to utilize either method of instant streaming.

Netflix provides me with endless hours of entertainment.  They have tons of instant watch titles available including many TV shows and movies from all genres.  If you aren't already a Netflix subscriber check out their free trial for new customers!

photo credit: www.netflix.com

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