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Early in my adulthood I discovered what I thought to be the best thing in the world, CREDIT!  To my dismay, after years of trying to pay it off, I continued to find myself in debt.  The reason, I owed more then I made.  After years of working my way up on the pay scale I still found that I came up short every month end.  I was robbing Peter to pay Paul, as my Mother would say, to keep my bills from going into collections.

Miraculously a couple years ago and a 401k loan later, I found myself to be free of credit card debt, a short lived dream come true.  The biggest mistake I ever made was holding onto my credit cards and not closing the accounts.  In early 2010 I once again found myself right back where I was, in the hole.  A friend told me about the book Life or Debt 2010. I can honestly say the book changed my life.  I have created an emergency fund, closed my credit card accounts and am on my way to being debt free!  To date I have already paid off one credit card.  Provided I stick to the plan my other two credit cards, car loan and student loans will be paid off in full by the year 2017 and I will be 100% DEBT FREE.

I created a solid budget for myself with room for the unexpected and have developed a way to live a simple life without sacrificing my happiness.

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  1. Cheers to thriving! There has never been a better time than now to be empowered by choice. Thnx for sharing such essential tools. ps: Your right, happiness is never a thing to sacrifice. :)