Friday, May 7, 2010

Cooking: Fuel for My Soul

For the last several years now I have been surrounded by very talented artists who amaze me with their creations on the regular.  I would always think to myself why can't I do that, however I was never able to bring the thought of creating a piece of artwork to light.  I just never felt the urge or passion it would have taken to, as many of my artists friend have told me, just do it. Looking back on it now I can see clearly that creating art, in the traditional sense, was just not a passion that I had or felt like pursuing.  There was nothing inside driving me to paint, photograph, collage or dabble in any form traditionally labeled as art.

In the past couple of months I have been cooking frequently.  Experimenting with new flavors and recipes and using those around me, especially my son, as taste testers.  I get so much joy and happiness out of creating food.  It's like creating a fine piece of artwork and the ingredients are my pallet.  Cooking calms me and I feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment when I see someone enjoying the finished work of art I have created.  Nourishing other people nourishes my soul!

I have been thinking lately about the whole cooking process and decided to start a garden to incorporate the growing aspect of the food into my cooking to create a complete package.  My son and I planted our first garden this year.  Since we rent and don't own the property that is our backyard we decided to use Earth Boxes.  We started small with tomatoes, two kinds of bell peppers, zucchini and cucumbers.  We are also growing four kinds of herbs and some strawberries.  Photos of the garden process will be posted soon!

Cooking has turned out to be my form of art and something I will continue to pursue!  It has also been a fun way to bond with my son.  We have baked and cooked together several times.  I delight in knowing that he will not be a single bachelor who can't cook when he grows up.  Instead he will be a great catch who can cook too!  (now now ladies he isn't grown yet!)

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