Monday, April 19, 2010

Adventures in Cooking: Vol. 1

I have always enjoyed cooking, but recently it has become a passion.  I absolutely love it!  It calms my nerves and brings me great joy to see people consume the food I worked so hard to make.  So, for those that like to cook or those interested in learning to cook here are a couple of recipes I tried recently and really enjoyed.

Cinnamon Apple and Carrot Muffins
I don't bake much at all, and when I do it is NEVER from scratch!  I found a recipe for Apple Doughnut Muffins on a blog called She Eats, She Runs.  I tried the original recipe and liked it but it just wasn't the perfect muffin to me.  After several tweaks I came up with this recipe.  They are good without the lemon sugar topping if you are looking to save on some calories.  My son and I baked the final batch together and had a blast doing so! I highly recommend getting the little ones involved.  I wish I had spent more time in the kitchen with my father, grandmother and mother who are all terrific cooks.

Cheesy Garlic, Chicken, Ham and Veggie Calzones
Sorry I don't have the photo for this one, forgot to take one.  These came out delicious!  So much flavor and oh soooo cheesy!  My son and I once again made these together and by the end there was flour all over the kitchen since he was in charge of rolling the dough.  He doesn't like a ton of variety in his pizza or calzone so he made his with ricotta, mozzarella, ham and pepperoni.  They were very good as well.  I will say that cornmeal is the key here!  The dough sticks to everything so coat the rolling board, baking sheet and any in between board to sheet surface you put it on.

Caribbean Chicken
I found the original recipe here but the nutrition didn't seem quite right so I re-created the recipe less the brown rice. The flavor seems more asian to me I think due to the cider vinegar and pineapple.  It is very light and won't leave a lump in your stomach.  I do warn you though, if you don't like fruit served warm or pineapple mixed with your savory pass this one up.  If you don't mind that then enjoy!


  1. That looks scrumptious! And pineapple is A-ok in my book any day!

  2. Then I suppose I will have to make it for you one day then :)